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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Autumn Equinox 2012: Visualizing and Empowering Change

Most powerful and accessible energy awaits our utilizing at this time in history.

Here are a few links to stress the powerful forces at work: 1. About Solar Flare-ups, on the increase:

And, 2. About major Earthquakes on the increase:

Should we Fear?

Yes, but only to become better prepared!

Should we be aware of the bigger picture?

Yes, of course, and that bigger picture has to do with our being almost in the center of the Galactic Rift, which the Mayans predicted would happen 12/21/12. That event and its veracity receives lots of debate and speculation, some wild claims from many (perhaps me?) and stunted and short sighted belief systems from others (due to "sciences" attachment to facts based on only a recorded history that only goes back, at the most, 1000's of years).

The Mayan Calendar goes back 26 thousand years, plus a few hundred or so, and records cycles of planetary movements. They were our first astrophysicists.

Interesting that about 26 thousand years ago the first discovered means of communicating via symbols happened with the finding of cave paintings in Southern France

It can and has been argued that this time period was about the time of the advent of Civilization (for better or worse).

Can it be that our passing through the Galactic Rift again might portend another impressive transition of Humanity into a New Age?

Stands to reason, at least by this seeker of knowledge.

My contention and practice is to consider that not only will the massive earth and solar events happen but Spiritual Events will also happen. The Energy from the Dark Hole and from Dark Matter will increase our higher chakra centers and invite "knowing-ness".

We are already aware of "Indigo Children", also referred to as "Homo-Gnosis" (not sure where I heard this term . . . interpretation would be "the human that knows". For a detailed list of current books check out Amazon's site Indigo Child books.

Enough of the preliminaries.

The 21st of September is our Equinox: daytime hours are equal to night-time hours. Throughout history it was a time of celebration.

For me it is a chance to take stock of the  next 3 months, leading to 12/21/12.

During this time I wish to meditate, pray, create ritual, visualize the World I believe to be "right" (in Balance and Harmony), to align different Karmic lives (past, present and future) with the desire to find a greater sense of Peace and Well-being. Truly the more we are at Peace in Trust and Love the more we generate such experiences around us: Witness the Wisdom of The Diamond Sutra and of The Law of Attraction.

My intention is to be, especially during this time, as clear and, dare I, pure as is humanely possible to have a greater effect via prayers and visualizations.

On the night of September 22nd, here in Eureka, I will be conducting with the able assistance of experienced shamanic journeyers a ritual to generate, align and direct through "clear intention" visualizations towards Balance and Harmony.

At this time we will "Surf the Zuvuza"; That is, the Spiritual Energy manifested by the Galactic point and space in time we find ourselves.

Should be fun and might well be beneficial, if not collectively then certainly personally!

Love to All!

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