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Friday, May 18, 2018

Subverting the Dominant Paradigm

Well, at least bringing about Balance and Harmony so that that and other belief systems, ways of being, and deeply archetypal structures will be taken into consideration along with that of We Are One. And, that the more we envision and prevail in the same direction the more Magnificent we All Become.

In a nutshell, there it is. Working with local “village” models where All is paid attention too is the intention. Small groups based on shared belief systems and systematic shamanic interaction with The Elements and all that they represent, can meet according to some precepts that work, and come up with a shared vision. The more that do so the more do so. The more that do so the more Power is summoned and fed into that Villages Matrix. The Ripple goes on.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Obaining and Keeping Balance and Focus

Picture a top spinning. The kind we had as kids where you pump it and get it spinning really really fast. And, if you were lucky you had the kind that hummed and made lights flash. Wow! And then, tapping, it wobbled a bit but came back into balance and continued to spin ohm-ingly and brightly! 

Now there was focus! To get knocked around and come right back into twirling balanced power.

This is a wonderful metaphor for how we can and need to experience the trials and tribulations of our life and to not be thrown off. 

That top was generating a toroidal* energy field, using gravity and centrifugal force to propel itself around and around with great presence. It was creating an electro-magnetic force field. 

As humans we manifest strong presence through visualization, breath, emptying our minds and creating a clear intention, hooking that sense into Source and allowing our intention to manifest! By doing so we increase the scope and intensity of our electro-magnetic energy field . . . our Aura!

Using our minds to think out a clear intention and to visualize the outcome we desire, empowers our energy field to link to the “filaments of desire”; or, lay lines (think String Theory) and we then put into action manifestation of that which we intend.

Working smarter rather than harder!

Can it be that simple? 


Whatever we experience, good, bad or indifferent, we “visualize” on an unconscious manner in our bellies, hearts and head. The energy fields within our bodies are always churning out holographic images; for the better part totally unknown to our conscious awareness. Unless we ask ourselves, “When I feel that (in my gut, heart or head) what would it look like if it were an object?” (We can all do this although many of us, particularly masculine driven have to work to do so.) We imagine or visualize shape, size, color, texture, temperature, weight, etc. 

Breathing, consciously doing so from our bellies and slowly and deeply, brings us back into the Now so that we are more fully able to visualize. Breath allows and enables us to empty our minds and to come into awareness of sensations, kinesthetic, visual, auditory, etc. Doing so with breath and gratitude we can “choose a better feeling or thought” and thereby a different holographic image!

To further empower our intentionality we can visualize a toroidal energy field in each of our brains, intensifying each of our Chakra’s and coming from our DanTien. This gets our own spinning energy field radiating even more magnificently the filaments radiating out into the Universe create incredible connections with that which we desire. 

Taking this a step further, we can not only imagine but experience the toroidal energy fields of our chakras and of our three brains coming into alignment with the forces of the Universe connecting to the hot molten mass of iron and nickel at the core of Earth. That connection is an incredibly rich source of both Spiritual and Material energies. And, we are in alignment with that force field. Each time one of our chakras are out of true then we weaken that force field. And if one of our brains is “out of our body” then the force field is incredibly weakened. And, this is what is happening with so many people on Earth. The out of body soul part then has a tendency to connect with other out of body soul parts. That union which is often fiercely strong can be hypothesized as “the problem with humanity on Earth”. This is a research question that can be answered. 

My truth is that I believe this to be so.

Coming back to Center, to Balance and Focus and to Alignment with the very Powerful Axis Mundi we become super charged. The clearer we are to Intentionality with the unity of our brains then the more “Juice” is accessible! 

It is from this place that we exquisitely manifest. With clear intention or muddy, we manifest. Allowing ourselves to be fully clear and empowered with breath, awareness and visualization we manifest. We do so also by default, as when our straying and dissociated soul parts wander about on Earth.

*Toroidal energy field is the energy created when objects spin from a core.” Google The Earth’s “Van Allen Belt” and the Human Toroidal Energy to get great images. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Working with our Toroidal Energy Matrix

We each are composed of not only material or corporeal reality but also of "toroidal" energy realities. These are the donut shaped, apple shaped energy matrixes that compose all of creation. They have a center, as with the black hole in galaxies and they radiate energy from that hole up and down and around in circular fashion. Google "toroidal energy" and you will see representations of this kind of energy.

Important to us as living, breathing and co-creating beings is that this is energy that we can direct via our visualizations, breath and Trust and Love.

Our main toroidal matrix stems from our core, or dan tien, about 2 inches below our navel.

When we are not centered and balanced this energy does not flow freely as our core is bound up in one fashion or another; usually with fear and anxiety.

Breathing to our dan tien and visualizing the energy flowing up and down and around and around as with an apple shaped aura, with the seeds being the center, and we come back into balance.

Each chakra has its own energy field and correlates with:

  • 1. root, having to do with belonging; connected in our place to Earth: Red
  • 2. navel, having to do with creating: Orange
  • 3. solar plexus, having to do with self esteem: Yellow or Gold
  • 4. heart, having to do with love, compassion and courage: Verdant Green
  • 5. throat, having to do with will power and truth speaking: Sky Blue
  • 6. brow, having to do with self awareness: Indigo; and, 
  • 7. crown, having to with our connection to the Cosmos: Heliotrope
These seven chakras can be considered to work together in three groups. Interesting enough these three groupings correspond with some wisdom from Africa: Knowledge is in the head, wisdom in the belly and when the two meet in the heart, truth is known. They also correspond with our three brains, our head brain, heart brain and belly brain. How does this work?

Belly brain, Wisdom, has to do with our first three chakras, the marriage of "belonging", "creating", "honoring". This center has to do with our "soul" work, of "why" we are here on Earth and here where we live, relate, work and play. Fundamentally it has to do with surviving.

Heart brain, Loving is composed of the marriage of "honoring", "loving" and "communicating". This center has to do with how with "how" we are here on Earth. Our job, as I see and understand it, is to move our Soul work in such a way as to experience more compassion, courage and Love. 

Brain brain, Knowledge is composed of our will and communication skills, our awareness of self and others and our connection to Source. If our first set of three has to do with "soul" then this set has to do with "spirit". Our connection to Source. 

We are the divining rod that connects Heaven to Earth. 

The most profound and exquisite way in which we do this is to envision each of these three marriages of chakras into separate and beautiful rainbow hued toroidal energy matrixes. Then to merge them  into one magnificent toroidal energy matrix coming from our dan tien. We then envision the energy moving through us from heaven to earth and from earth to  heaven. As it moves through us we come fully into alignment with our personal essence, our passion or purpose.

From this place and with clear intention what we ask for will be given!


Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Path to Follow?

Whether a spiritual path, woodland path, personal growth, health, career or avocation path there are clear guidelines for maximum effectiveness.

In a nutshell the guidance is to follow your gut. What feels right!

Beyond that here are some guidelines:

Spirit, or Source, gives direction and will provide guidance.

“Ask, and you will receive!”

Look for omens and confirmation from the Universe (Carlos Castenada is credited in Teachings of Don Juan for this concept)

Find “What is working you”; and, or “Where or what is the ‘sweet spot’?’”

Once on a path does it feel good and resonate with you or “off” and an irritant?

To find Source is to empty oneself of ego, to meditate, find silence within. As Geshe Roach, et. al. write in The Diamond Cutter, practice “Circle Time” (10-15 minutes a day, one day a week, one week a year, or so) where “not thinking” or “emptiness is cultivated”. When one does so Spirit flows in!

Clear intentionality, or asking for something specific is instrumental in getting clear guidance. That question can simply be, “Guide me, I am lost!” Or, “I am concerned about my health, where should I turn”; or,  “Which health practice should I follow, yoga, tai chi, chi gong”; or, “Which Spiritual Path should I take, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Shamanism, etc.?” 

Of course, the “should” is not necessary and even the form of the question is not necessary. Spirit Knows! Hold an interest in terms of “What is Working You”. 

Angeles Arriens talks of how the Appalacians when they meet each other do not ask, “How are you?”, instead asking the more pertinent question, “What is working you?” What is going on in your life that causes you to focus and quest? In yoga my instructor Francis Warner (Health Sport, Eureka) puts it this way, “Where is the ‘Sweet Spot’?” In stretching and relaxing where does your body call your attention? Breathe into that space and relax into it. A release occurs and stretching, and relaxing comes easier. Meditation is enhanced. Silence is felt. Emptiness occurs.

Omens, the "Guru" appear. Holding an intention and paying attention to the “sweet spot” (which could be a relationship, occupational, health, financial, spiritual, etc.) issue will invite Spirit to give guidance. Keeping an open mind, and not, particularly actively looking for guidance, knowing it will occur (this requires Trust and Love) works very effectively. 

The teacher/teaching could be a thought, an insight, a gift, a media focus, a person (even an infant), an animal; what-ever grabs your attention. The World is full of guidance and information but only a few have to do with the “right” path for you. We are all inter-connected; All One. 

“Confirmation” occurs when you are pondering the omen and are given a second and even third indicator that the “way” you are contemplating or practicing is the one for you at this time. Spirit nudges us to move along the path towards Personal Integration and Higher Consciousness. Our, Life on Earth, Destiny, is to become At One in Consciousness!

And, one of the confirmations is; “Does it feel right?” When choosing a path do things and experiences seem easier? Is it joyful? Do you get results? Maybe not right away but are you given insights and guidance along the Path? If it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t resonate with you, even though your partner or social/peer group is following a path, find another.

We do “know” even though we often ignore our very best inner sense of rightness of being!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Lately I have been meditating and experiencing how powerful "attitude" is in our lives. Such a powerful energy, regardless of what the attitude might be!

The expression "cop an attitude" ( I first heard in the 60's when working as a research assistant related to some training in the prison system. Inmates and staff used this expression to describe the event of some attitude or another grabbing ahold of some one. A powerful "mood" that moves one to say and do things that they would not ordinarily do.

How often I see this in my life and work. How often I experience a mood moving me and my experiencing of "copping an attitude".

Increasingly I perceive this phenomena to be central to our imbalances! To relationship issues, particularly. Jealousy, envy, fear, anxiety, anger, depression, desperation, panic; you name the emotion it can be "copped" and run away with the experience. Take over what is happening. No wonder that the Ancient Greeks thought of such experiences as the very Gods and Goddesses inhabiting our personas and running them. The emotions are not of our own, but of some energies outside of ourselves running through us! This link is worth looking at. Worth studying if some detail!

The wisdom of seeing such powerful emotions being of the very Gods and Goddesses is important.

Emotions need to be approached with caution, wisdom, reverence, respect and ritual! To not do so creates real mischief in our lives and loves! To do so allows us to channel and move such energy effectively and positively.

When in our interactions we are "moved" by such emotions it is easy to let them run-away with us. Our flash of anger towards a mates inconsideration, or, whatever, can easily lead to any number of disastrous actions or regretted words. The wisdom we are coming to is to not "indulge in such energies". They can easily take over and bring about a loss of realization of "just who is in charge".
Is it our true self, our higher self, a wounded soul part, or, one of the powerful emotions themselves?

Complex considerations and to give thought to these considerations can help us to come to some more resolved sense of balance. Can help us "choose a better thought, word or action".

The importance of time outs can not be understated! They are essential to reclaiming our sense of self in our daily interactions.

The essential task here is to come back into the now. It is almost (and possibly exactly so) that when we split off and cop an attitude we are opening pandoras box and allowing many extraneous influences to move through us and to consume us. Past wounds, previous belief systems, fears of the future, anxieties about what-ever call on the Gods and Goddesses and they come into us with relish. Then, it is not us that is on stage. Instead some other sense of extended historical self.

When we do come back to self, through mind-ful-ness and through cultivating awareness of self in "Now", then our better self, our higher self, guided by Source, comes to our truth. Then, and only then, can we approach the situation that ignited the attitude with due consideration.

So often I experience and observe "moods" move into Attitudes that can create great mischief and disturbance. They can also become passions that direct and channel our energies into great achievements. Still, it is worth coming back to Now, regularly for guidance and clarification of intent and intentionality. My last blog clarifies the importance of intent in our lives.

Cultivating mind-ful-ness allows and enables us to spot or become aware when an attitude takes over. Then we can more easily step out of the attitude and back into the now for the clarification and guidance so greatly desired and needed. This is the practice! This ability brings about healthy relationships and the greater manifestation of ones desires.

On Time Outs:  visit my blog of June, 2010.

On Truth Speaking: visit blog of July, 2010.

Friday, June 7, 2013


When our intentions are clear and we walk in trust and love, our manifestations become cooperative with the Multi-verse. Spirit allows and cooperates in the unfolding of our reality.

When are intentions are muddy or we walk in anxiety and fear, then we get muddy results at best, and continue to manifest fearsome experiences!

Reading into these realities we can then see that each of us are somewhere along a continuum. On one end we are mastering the manifestation for what we intend, and on the other, just the opposite.

We can have clear intentions and walk in trust and love (The Grace Groove); or, we can have clear intentions and be in fear and anxiety (The Rut). And, we can have muddy intentions but still trust and be in a Grace Groove. There we will get mixed results. Or, we can have muddy intentions and be in The Rut where we will get little of what we desire and often lots of what we do not.
I like the analogy of driving in traffic. It is clear that my intention is to get somewhere, say work. I set off a little late and find I am experiencing some anxiety. Sure enough, a school bus stops in front of me and the “stop” sign goes out and I need to wait. Ok. But, still anxious when we get to a stop sign to turn onto another road there are three cars lined up. Anxiety increases. Then on 101 I get behind a fire truck convoy. Oh boy! 
Then, I realize: “Heh, I am creating these blocks.” Take a deep breath, blow it out and say to myself, “I will get to the office in plenty of time to prepare for my client!” Several positive thoughts later and, lo and behold, the convoy turns off and there is a big opening in the traffic. I hit every green light and “on time with some to spare”.
I love these experiences and find it easier to “shift gears” more readily as time goes on.

Guidelines for clear intentionality:

Watch your thoughts: words, beliefs, actions and attitudes.
Move from “trying”, “hoping”, and “wishing” to
“doing”, “experiencing”, and “having”.
In spiritual language these becomes prayers of ascension as opposed to prayers of wanting or needing. They convey Trust and Love.
We can experience or want! Want conveys and implies “not having” and accesses the profound sense of emptiness that so many of us experience and manifest.
Catch yourself thinking and believing negative thoughts and “change” these. 

Utilize the concept of “future probability”, e.g. “Every day in every way I am increasingly experiencing . . .” What is probable has so much more power than what is “possible”.

Chose a better thought, feeling or action!
Be kind anyway.
Practice Generosity.
We get what we give!
“The Love we get is equal to the Love we give!”

Practice Mindfulness:
Come back into Grace (Walking in Trust and Love) via breath and Gratitude.
Even when we are feeling really bad, there are wonderful gifts to be experienced.
Depression is a state of consciousness where we can move more actively through the grieving process! Giving thanks and breathing into the discomfort of the body, awakens it to the process of grieving!
Anger is a wonderful way to express via body movement, the bound up molecular sensations; to free them and release them!
Reducing the hold that depression or anger have on you frees ones ability to both form clear intentions and move into trust and love.

We as humans are so incredibly gifted! We have All of the resources we need to change a problematic Reality to a One rich in expressiveness towards healing self, other and Gaia, itself! 


references: Here are a few of the many books elucidating on these realities!

Be Here Now by Ram Dass (Oct 12, 1971)

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale (1982)

The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally (Sep 1, 2009)

Start where you are and follow your interests. What speaks to you!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where does the blame lie!

To Whose Feet Do We Lay The Blame!

If necessary, let us consider:

1. I have not, nor have so many other Americans been very pro-active to end the un-necessary violence from weapons.

2. Our Government Officials have been bought off!

3. The Gun Lobby and Military Industrial Lobby has bought them off!

4. Guns are big business:
   a. They make lots of money 
   b. Retirement funds invest in such companies
   c. Many public employees benefit from such funds
   d. Most don't seem to notice or care from where the funds come.

5. The American Culture is a Culture of Violence:
    a.Peacemaker was the name of a Colt Revolver that "Won the        
    b. America has more deaths by guns per capita than any other          
    country in the world.
    c. We have been at War in one region or another for most of our 
    political existence! Strong Military Industrial Lobby!
    d. Great profits have come from such wars. Weapon and
    munition companies, The Pentagon, etc. all lobby for more 
    money and power. Congressman and other politicians are 
    bought off!
6. We all like our creature comforts and seem to be lost in our
    bubbles of complacency: Until some "senseless" act of violence
    wakes us up!
    a. few requirements about who gets what kinds of guns
    b. many adults and teens leave guns laying around without
    adequate protection from mentally ill or children.

Or, is it "senseless"?

I am reminded of the old saying: "Do as I say and not as I do!" Although we all know that we will model ourselves after behavior more than words. And, when we are traumatized (PTSD) what we tend to do is repeat the circumstances of the trauma so we can figure out how we could have lost our purity and innocence.

When our leaders commit violent acts against innocent citizens of other countries what makes us think that our own citizens won't create violent acts agains innocents in our own country? 

As above, so below. This adage holds true in organizations of all sizes; from families to countries.

Conclusion: We are all culpable. 

The question is; who will bring about the needed change, Government, Lobbies, Corporations or The People?

You guessed it: The People! There is no other option.