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Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Path to Follow?

Whether a spiritual path, woodland path, personal growth, health, career or avocation path there are clear guidelines for maximum effectiveness.

In a nutshell the guidance is to follow your gut. What feels right!

Beyond that here are some guidelines:

Spirit, or Source, gives direction and will provide guidance.

“Ask, and you will receive!”

Look for omens and confirmation from the Universe (Carlos Castenada is credited in Teachings of Don Juan for this concept)

Find “What is working you”; and, or “Where or what is the ‘sweet spot’?’”

Once on a path does it feel good and resonate with you or “off” and an irritant?

To find Source is to empty oneself of ego, to meditate, find silence within. As Geshe Roach, et. al. write in The Diamond Cutter, practice “Circle Time” (10-15 minutes a day, one day a week, one week a year, or so) where “not thinking” or “emptiness is cultivated”. When one does so Spirit flows in!

Clear intentionality, or asking for something specific is instrumental in getting clear guidance. That question can simply be, “Guide me, I am lost!” Or, “I am concerned about my health, where should I turn”; or,  “Which health practice should I follow, yoga, tai chi, chi gong”; or, “Which Spiritual Path should I take, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Shamanism, etc.?” 

Of course, the “should” is not necessary and even the form of the question is not necessary. Spirit Knows! Hold an interest in terms of “What is Working You”. 

Angeles Arriens talks of how the Appalacians when they meet each other do not ask, “How are you?”, instead asking the more pertinent question, “What is working you?” What is going on in your life that causes you to focus and quest? In yoga my instructor Francis Warner (Health Sport, Eureka) puts it this way, “Where is the ‘Sweet Spot’?” In stretching and relaxing where does your body call your attention? Breathe into that space and relax into it. A release occurs and stretching, and relaxing comes easier. Meditation is enhanced. Silence is felt. Emptiness occurs.

Omens, the "Guru" appear. Holding an intention and paying attention to the “sweet spot” (which could be a relationship, occupational, health, financial, spiritual, etc.) issue will invite Spirit to give guidance. Keeping an open mind, and not, particularly actively looking for guidance, knowing it will occur (this requires Trust and Love) works very effectively. 

The teacher/teaching could be a thought, an insight, a gift, a media focus, a person (even an infant), an animal; what-ever grabs your attention. The World is full of guidance and information but only a few have to do with the “right” path for you. We are all inter-connected; All One. 

“Confirmation” occurs when you are pondering the omen and are given a second and even third indicator that the “way” you are contemplating or practicing is the one for you at this time. Spirit nudges us to move along the path towards Personal Integration and Higher Consciousness. Our, Life on Earth, Destiny, is to become At One in Consciousness!

And, one of the confirmations is; “Does it feel right?” When choosing a path do things and experiences seem easier? Is it joyful? Do you get results? Maybe not right away but are you given insights and guidance along the Path? If it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t resonate with you, even though your partner or social/peer group is following a path, find another.

We do “know” even though we often ignore our very best inner sense of rightness of being!


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